Bechtel Enka GP Mobilizes Equipment for Kosovo Motorway


Equipment Mobilizing.jpg

Pristina, Kosovo, 18 April 2010 – The Bechtel and Enka Joint Venture (BEJV) is today mobilizing the first equipment for the construction of the Kosovo Motorway, Route 7.
These first 30 pieces of equipment will be located in the Prizren area in preparation for the commencement of construction. This is the first stage of the transfer of equipment for the project. For the construction of the motorway, the BEJV is planning to use a total of more than 600 pieces of heavy equipment.

The BEJV and the Kosovo Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) signed the contract for the construction of the Kosovo Motorway on 12 April 2010. This 102 kilometre motorway will serve as the main artery in Kosovo’s transportation system. The four-lane motorway will start from the border with Albania at Morine and connect at the north of Pristina, Kosovo’s capital. The first steps of the project activities are the mobilization of staff and equipment, the establishment of camps and temporary construction facilities, local recruitment, access to land, and design approval from the MTC.


Bechtel Enka Joint Venture
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